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Saturday, September 6, 2014

a bit of crochet

Well hello lovelies ... how are you??
We are all just fine and dandy thank you.
All housework and homeschooling and other chores aside; 
I did a wee bitty bit of crochet this week.
Now an old professional hooker I am not ... however with my dear friends on youtube reminding me (constantly) what is sc and dc I was able to whip up some nice things ! 
Both free patterns on the net - Icelandic jar covers & PomPom Quarterly Bracelets / Bookmarks.

Sooooo... I am starting over with my Fermentation Kraut. 
I had it all going so well - 3 weeks in and it was tasting so good. Then we brought some ripe tomatoes in and someone sat them right beside my crock and before you know it , those horrible pesky little flittering winged batty tiny summer pests from hell had invaded my beloved Kraut. %$&&*&@@ !

Anyway I do have two sponsor giveaway posts that I must put up very soon ! Are you excited to see?

Until next time xxx

Saturday, August 23, 2014

:: Fermenting ::


So have you heard of "fermenting"  ?
It's nothing new, it's been done for quite awhile now.
But it's new to me - I'm using my new Crock - a special
birthday present from my thoughtful Hubby.

Here you will see my one gallon Crock (purchased from Amazon) is nicely packed with 2 heads Cabbage , 2 red onions, 
Minced Garlic, Spices and Herbs, (did I put in a chopped bell pepper..) and salt water brine. All mashed down to pieces and then when the brine had covered the veggies my weights were placed over to hold it all underneath while it sits and bubbles into fermention. Haha.

The upside of it all is that you get a natural high quailty dose of Probiotics from your food; it is naturally preserved without any work at all really on your part; and you are not heating or vinegarizing which kills off the beneficial bacteria. 

SauerKraut anyone ?

I'm following these instructions basically - and my house totally smells like cabbage and onions and it's only 4 days in. =)

On the knitting front, because there is always a knitting front,

...... I have almost finished a beautiful new Elizabeth Shawl by Amy Miller. Baby Alpaca / Cashmere / Silk . This is something to dream about. Off now to play cards with my boys ! We had such a wonderful homeschooling week - amazing life. x

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The End of Summer :: in the garden

Oh, the end of Summer.
It's hotter than a .... well you know so I don't even have to say it.

Well I am picking and drying and thinking and sweating.
Still knitting, thru sticky hands and sweaty brows - and I must
admit these winter sweaters do make the anticipation of fall exciting to think about.

But there's no time for that right just yet ------ the tomatoes are just starting to turn green.
Because we grew ours from seed.
And I thought they were never, ever going to 
make it. 
So it looks like we will be canning after all !
{Johnny's already been at it - and cutting the peppers and onions with his shades on in the kitchen. I must monitor the situation and make sure he doesn't give too many away. Cause it's GOOD.}

He brought over all his 'cooking gear', including his grandmother's recipe. 
And my own grandmother ? 
Liked his better than mine !!! 

This sweetest little babe of ours
he just loves the flowers and herbs and plants about.
He is growing and changing and ever so loving.
He can now reach up up up - in his little exploring 
nature has found where mama keeps her buttons,
and sewing notions, and pots and pans.

He loves smelling flowers and spotting bees and ants 
in the garden. He will get down and rub the growing 
pumpkins and winter squash and right now
he is eating watermelon a'plenty.
We were lucky to see my bestie and her sweet little ones yesterday, and were left some yummy fresh picked blueberries.

So tomorrow 
I am thinking
a fresh pie
Oh yes, it's been ages since I rolled pie crust
Come by, won't you, and 
have a piece with me 
dear friends.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Graphite Giveaway

Hello !!!
Gosh how is everyone doing ?
I"ve got a darling new child's sweater (testknit) to show you !


Graphite - by knitwear designer Isabell Kraemer -
photo courtesy of Isabell Kraemer Designs.


It's the best little knit - Pattern is by Isabell Kraemer . It's called "Graphite" and will be released on Ravelry soon.  (Apologies for strings everywhere , and I still have to finish the neck ribbing!!)
My sample is knit in SWANS ISLAND BULKY - colourway Winterberry.
Oh, this yarn !
(I bought these 2 skeins for $10 each on Ebay , score.)

Pattern link on Ravelry is HERE. My project link on Ravelry is also HERE.


                       Dear Isabell would like to gift one of you readers with a copy of 

this child's knit pattern , in sizes from ages 2 up to 12. 

To be entered ::

  • Leave a comment here on the blog - WITH YOUR RAVELRY USERNAME OR A WORKING EMAIL in the comments for a chance to win. If you do not include one or the other your comment will be deleted. 
  • Follow my blog ( by Google, email, or Blogger ) and enter a second time , telling me how you follow Norwood Walkabouts. 

                              I will draw a winner randomly when the pattern is released.                                                                 Happy knitting !

                                                                     Ang xo

Monday, July 7, 2014


Oh, It's hot. 

{We had more West Aussie Visitors. This time a big Walking Dead fan. We took them touring.}
Is it October yet ??

The garden thinks it's hot, too. 90 degree temps, but it cooled off a bit this weekend and we had a great July 4 celebration with all of my family and all of the grandkids at Nana and Pops ! {woops no photo of that, but plenty of the garden}

I love fresh food.
Garden therapy is so good.
Plenty of green tomatoes right now, I am thinking of picking a bunch and making a batch of green tomatoe chutney. I love it in the winter on top of a big fried pork chop :)

My no-buy tomatoes are slowly growing. Johnny is out there tonite putting some of them in the ground. Still quite late, we will see what they do. We've got about 20+ tomatoe plants in total. Several bell pepper, some hot pepper varieties, Indian and regular yellow corn, Wildwood Pumpkins, several different winter pumpkin varieties, okra, cucumbers, carrots. lettuce, and oh did you see that CANDY ROASTER ?   I think it will be ready to pick soon - I am going to make a PIE.

In unrelated news, we went antiquing in Alabama over the weekend ! 
Lots of goodies, I will have to show you next time . 

Now for the big announcement ! 
Thank you all for entering the Fort Magic Giveaway = there was a whopping 672 ENTRIES !!
RAfflecopter selected a lucky duck,  winner was announced on the giveaway post at the bottom of the giveaway page. 
It was fun. I'll have another special giveaway coming up soon , stay tuned. 
Now, to get my summer children cleaned and into beds. 
Take Care All .x